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Domestic violence situations can be complex and challenging, often requiring legal intervention to protect your rights and well-being. At Rawlings Criminal Law, we specialise in providing expert legal assistance for those facing applications for Domestic Violence Orders (DVO) on the Gold Coast.

Understanding Domestic Violence Orders

A Protection Order (or Domestic Violence Order) is a Court Order preventing one person (called the respondent) from behaving badly toward, or committing domestic violence against, another person (called the aggrieved). Contact Rawlings Law to discuss your options to revoke the Domestic Violence Order.

The DVO can also contain additional conditions such as forcing the respondent to leave their home and to not contact or go anywhere near the aggrieved or aggrieved’ s children. Initially an Order is temporary but the Court moves relatively swiftly to determine whether a permanent (usually 5 year) Order should be made.

Once an Order is in place, either temporary or permanent, any breach of the conditions can give rise to severe criminal penalties, including a prison sentence.

If you are a respondent to an application for a Domestic Violence or Protection Order it is very important that you obtain legal advice from an experienced criminal lawyer as soon as possible. While it is theoretically possible to challenge a temporary Order this is rarely successful – challenging an application for a permanent order at a Court hearing has a much higher chance of success.

Rawlings Criminal Law are experienced in opposing such applications and are ready to assist you throughout the process. Contact us using the information below.

Accessing Legal Aid for Domestic Violence Cases

If you are facing domestic violence charges or seeking protection, you may be eligible for legal aid. Legal aid provides financial assistance for legal representation to those who qualify, ensuring that everyone has access to justice, regardless of their financial situation. Contact us to learn more about your eligibility and how we can assist you in navigating the legal aid application process.

Family Law Considerations in Domestic Violence Cases

While our primary focus is on domestic violence orders, it’s important to understand how these orders intersect with broader family law issues. Domestic violence situations can often have implications for family law matters, such as child custody and access arrangements. At Rawlings Criminal Law, we ensure that these intersections are considered when providing legal advice and representation for domestic violence orders, ensuring comprehensive protection of your rights.

Representation in Magistrates Court

We represent clients in the Magistrates Court, ensuring that your case is presented effectively. Our experienced lawyers are committed to advocating for your rights and providing comprehensive legal support throughout the entire process. Whether you’re applying for or responding to a domestic violence order, we will guide you through each step with expertise and dedication.



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    If you are looking for a domestic violence defence lawyer who will provide you with personal attention and formidable representation, then Rawlings Criminal Law is here for you.
    Book your initial free consultation and let’s get your problem sorted.

    If you are looking for a lawyer who will provide you with personal attention and formidable representation, then Rawlings Criminal Law is here for you.
    Book your initial free consultation and let’s get your problem sorted.