Legal Aid

Legal Aid QLD logoLegal Aid Queensland is a government funded organisation that can financially assist you in accessing legal advice and representation should you qualify under their criteria.

Rawlings Criminal Law is a preferred supplier of Legal Aid Queensland for both general criminal and youth (juvenile) matters.

This qualifies us to complete and process your Legal Aid application.

Check Your Eligibility

Check your eligibility by reading Legal Aid’s “Can I get Legal Aid?” section.

If you believe that you will qualify for Legal Aid, we can assist you in the completion of a legal aid questionnaire, answer any questions that you may have, and lodge the application on your behalf.

Not Eligible For Legal Aid? Talk To Us

If you are not eligible for Legal Aid, we invite you to review your matter with us on a private basis.  Rawlings Criminal Law pride ourselves on providing quality legal advice at competitive prices.

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Do you require legal aid?

Our key function as your defence is to argue against the prosecutor’s submissions by presenting your information in a meaningful, relevant, legally admissible, and persuasive way.


In building our strongest application for you to be granted bail, we will design and structure your submission so that:

  • all relevant information is well presented and highlighted
  • your application is comprehensive, articulate, and evidence based
  • legal issues are properly identified and argued
  • weaknesses in the prosecution’s case are identified and argued
  • the right people and resources have been coordinated to present a strong release plan
  • where appropriate and/or required, supporting material such as letters of support, the availability of a surety, evidence of a medical condition, employment references, and the impact of a remand in custody are presented in affidavit form


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